Thursday, September 21, 2006

NewTitle =]

Okay, I know it's nothing to be excited about, but I updated the blog title, as well as, adding a couple of drawings =]

The first two were experiments with a cuter fat kid... but I felt these were getting to cute, and I want this guy to be odd... so they are out... but I still liked them =]

The last one was odd enough, but my daughter took the liberty of giving me her opinion on him using a sharpie marker she was drawing with at the time...

I tried to salvage it in photoshop, but trust me, it looked cool at one point...

Anyway, that's it for now, I've just been trying to get better at Maya, and doing the occasional freelance work to pass the time... hope you guys enjoy...


Blogger christian said...

Awesome characters!! The strange kid with the very long dog is really cool.
You did an amazing work with the young Tantor, too!!

1:36 AM  

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