Thursday, August 25, 2005


I didn't really think anyone would see this, much less be inspired by it =]

I'm pretty busy with work right now, but we have a retarded dual boot setup and so when I have to go from windows to linux I find some time to sketch...

I made this guy yesterday. My friend Aaron saw it and said, with a very straightface, "that's funny."... so I knew I had to post it.

The template for this blog is either the first or second one when you go through the initial blogger setup, I just add images by clicking on the add images icon in the composer, and I select my sketch from my hard drive. This wasn't working as easily from home as it is here at work, and I'm not sure why that is, but it's been pretty simple =]

Yesterday, Lissa and I watched, Kathy Griffin: my life on the D list, man, this show is so awesome, I think Kathy is hilarious. My favorite line from last nights show is when her parents, who I also love, were giving her advice on what they wanted her to say on the red carpet at the Grammy's, and her mom says to her, " Can I just make one small request?", and before she can finish Kathy says, "Dick jokes, one right after the other, dick joke, dick joke, dick joke." Oh man, I couldn't stop laughing, she is awesome =]

Anyway, I may update later on with another sketch, but until tomorrow, I bid you a fond farwell, and I hope you have a wonderful day as I know I will...


Blogger Lars Hilmar said...

he he he .. wonderful sketch, and thanks for your movie story (sure sounds funny :)

5:13 PM  

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