Saturday, August 20, 2005

Lazy Bums...

Okay, so everyone is asleep right now, including my wife, AAHHHH, very quiet, so I figure it's time for my first official update =]

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I'm planning on putting up a goofy doodle that I do each day, just to keep me doing something fun. I work primarily on the computer, so I don't get much time to sketch, I guess I'll start trying harder to make time, or I'll be lazy and use Open Canvas, a super sweet little freeware program that is less than 1k in size but has pretty much everything you need to do neat little digital sketches. If you do a search on Goggle you can find it, but the site's in Japanese so you have to poke around a bit to find the free version.

I know this is so gay, but I'm pretty excited to see how Big Brother goes tonight, I think it's gonna be pretty entertaining. Of course I'm a reality T.V. addict, so I'm probably wrong, but to strung out to know any better.


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Blogger Lars Hilmar said...

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Let 'er rip.

2:45 PM  
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